Movers in dubai marina

Movers in dubai marina

These professional movers and packers in Dubai can’t only take the work off your hands but also confirm your belongings are packed, transported, and installed safely in your new home! It’s no secret that moving homes are often a nerve-wracking experience. But you’ll deduct a number of the strain by hiring professional and reliable home moving companies in Dubai.


We provide a comprehensive list of the simplest movers and packers in Dubai Marina also as a checklist for selecting the proper mover within the emirate.


Following is the best summed up list of house movers in Dubai and ranked them by their customers’ ratings, so you can easily find the proper company for your next move!

Office movers in Dubai

Office movers in Dubai can assist you in your office moving. As for other businesses that have no permanent locations, moving becomes an important part of their business. Some move because they want to try to operate in other locations while others do it to expand their business as they hire more employees then they would really need a bigger office and this is why they hire office movers in Dubai to help them.

Every office has a lot of furniture that they are using to operate the business daily. This includes the office tables and chairs, receptionist table, cabinets or bookshelves. They also sometimes have refrigerators, microwave ovens, gas stoves that are located in their pantry and one of the most important office things is the computers which need to make sure that they are all surely safe throughout the moving. Office movers in Dubai have a lot of moving and packing techniques to ensure that all of your office items; furniture and appliances will all be safe. As the best office movers in Dubai,

we have the trusted and experts in moving and packing office items and move it to the next preferred location of our clients. With our expertise, we can give the best moving and packing services that your office deserves when you need to relocate anywhere here in UAE. You can trust our office movers in Dubai as we can give you 100% satisfaction for your relocation. Our moving and packing services includes packing all of your office stuff. We ensure that all of your furniture will be all safe. Your office computers need proper packing and that’s included in our expertness so we can assure that all of your computers can be moved to your next office location without getting any damages. Whenever you need office moving or any other types or relocation, you can call us, office movers in Dubai.

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Movers in Jumeirah

Movers in Jumeirah offers a lot of services that can help every family who wants to move their furniture. By hiring Movers in Jumeirah, you can have someone who will assist you in packing all of your items and let it move to your next location.

As people are here for work, some of us are very busy so we don’t have enough time to pack and move our items when we are required to move or suddenly get a change of job or location. Hiring Movers in Jumeirah can give you a lot of benefits. When you are about to move, they can provide you with big trucks that will be used in transferring your furniture from your old place to another. These trucks are included in their services as the Movers in Jumeirah. If you don’t have big vehicles like this, how will you be able to move your furniture? It will be hard of course. We, as packers and movers can provide you big vehicles that will make your moving easy and fast through our big vehicles. We can also help you with packing all of your items like furniture and appliances.

Movers in Jumeirah can be definitely your partner when it comes to moving within UAE. For example if you have a studio type apartment then you want to move to a villa then we can assist you with that. We know how it is difficult to move especially if you only have limited time and you have a lot of stuff, hiring packers and movers will assure that they can do their job properly as they are well-trained when it comes to moving and packing of any items; household or office.

We also do dismantling of all the furniture that needs to be dismantled before packing and also fix it once it reaches your next location. When it comes to moving, we are aware that you have personal items that you want to pack on your own, so we as professional packers and movers provide carton boxes that you can use in packing all of those stuffs. We are also using new and high quality packaging materials for packing so rest assured that your furniture is all safe with us. If you are about to move and you need some help, contact us as we are the Movers in Jumeirah.

Movers in Business Bay

Movers in Business Bay are the people who want to move from a place to another. They are the ones who happens to be not happy on their current house anymore or some of them tend to just move because they want it. Other Movers in Business Bay are not fond of living in the same roof for all the years they will spend. Innovation is a part of everyone’s life and just like it people change. They change not because they want to but because they have to.

They have to change in order to adapt on the present world that they are in. Adapting to change is one of the reason why people survives, why people tend to be in the same or a much better surroundings. Choosing the things and people around you has not always must be the same as the reason why you chose to be with them or with it, reasons of it is changing also. Changing places that you are in is not that simple especially to those who are just starting to have a life in Dubai.

They are not just searching for something that will shelter them but they are also searching for a place where they will find a comfort after work. A comfort which makes them think that they are home. Living in a shelter does not always mean that you are living at home, a home is where in you feel the warmth of having those people in your house your family. Family is your best comfort and that is sometimes the reason why you are one of the Movers in Business Bay.

Workplaces are not always near us or near our families and with that, some families are not that fond of each other or sometimes it makes them not happy of living. As mentioned before, families give you warmth. A family who is loving you will always be a family where you want to go home. But what if your workplace is too far from what you called home? What will you do?

Movers in Business Bay have a lot of decisions to make. Has a lot of things to consider when they want to move and pack their things. Transportation is one of the reason why they think moving is not that possible for them. But with our company, we will give you the solution for that. Housemovers and Packers in dubai is very much welcome to ask questions about moving, we are always on the duty to assist you and answer all your questions.

Our company is like people like you, we are always ready for change. We are always battling to have a change that will make us succeed in every way possible. And the solution for constant success is the constant giving of high quality service to all of the Movers in Business Bay, not breaking their trust in any circumstances possible and that’s what makes our previous clients still with us until today.

Our company offers you the highest quality service possible to give to the clients like you. A service that will always be worth the price. A price that is not aiming for profit but instead giving you the advantages of being a Movers in Business Bay. Still interested in moving? Kindly contact us today. We will assist you, our dearest Movers in Business Bay.


Moving and Packing within Dubai will be easier when you hire movers and packers in Dubai that can help you in your house relocation in Dubai. Moving companies provide high-quality services especially when it comes to packing your furniture that will be surely safe while doing your house shifting in Dubai. They have packaging materials like boxes, bubble rolls, tapes, plastics, and a lot more. Furniture movers in Dubai will be the one to handle your valuables and make sure that they are all safe while transporting it to another location. Professional movers and packers in Dubai ensure that all the furniture will be all damage-free from the packing, dismantling and fixing.


Looking for moving companies in Dubai are easy but choosing the best movers in Dubai. Professional movers in Dubai can only choose from those moving companies in Dubai who work and provide the best relocation companies in Dubai. If you are wondering what to consider when looking for professional relocation services in Dubai then you need to highly prioritize the people that will do the work for you. Professional movers and packers in Dubai should be responsible and care enough to handle and secure the safety of your furniture. They should come on time, pack, dismantle, fix and finish their work on time. This will help the clients to have good impressions to every Dubai Movers & Packers.

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House shifting services in Dubai provides all the work related to your furniture and appliances that will help you to ensure the safety of it while transferring it to the other location. There are a lot of movers and packers in Dubai where you can choose from. Maybe you already know the movers and packers Dubai cost but you can also find cheap movers and packers in Dubai which can help you in your relocation that will fit in your budget. Every penny is worth it especially when you receive high quality work and that is what best relocations companies provide. Packing, dismantling and fixing when you have a lot of furniture is really hard but with the help of the professional movers and packers in Dubai then we assure you that house shifting in Dubai will be a hassle-free work for you.


Movers and Packers offer a lot of services when it comes to relocating your furniture. If you have offices and you want to relocate it then professional movers Dubai can help you regarding that matter. You don’t have to worry about how you will pack all the things inside the office because office movers in Dubai will do the work for you. If you’re planning to do a house shifting Dubai then movers and packers can help you with that matter. They also have villa movers and packers in Dubai that can help you when you want to relocate your things from your villa. You should not only choose movers and Packers in Dubai but choose best movers and packers in Dubai and best relocation company in Dubai for you to feel comfortable when relocating your furniture.


As we provide our services all across UAE but we have separate groups for each Emirate of United Arab Emirates. We provide quality and professional relocation services and responsible for any mistake and damage with your furniture and other expensive items. We offers Movers and Packers in Abu Hail, Al Awir First, Al Awir Second, Al Bada, Al Baraha, Al Barsha First, Al Barsha Second, Al Barsha South First, Al Barsha South Second, Al Barsha South Third, Al Barsha Third, Al Buteen, Al Dhagaya, Al Garhoud, Al Guoz Fourth, Al Hamriya, Dubai, Al Hamriya Port, Al Hudaiba, Al Jaddaf, Al Jafiliya, Al Karama, Al Khabisi, Al Khwaneej First, Al Khwaneej Second, Al Kifaf, Al Mamzar, Al Manara, Al Mankhool, Al Merkad, Al Mina, Al Mizhar First, Al Mizhar Second, Al Muraqqabat, Al Murar, Al Mushrif, Al Muteena, Al Nahda First, Al Nahda Second, Al Nasr, Dubai, Al Quoz First, Al Quoz Industrial First, Al Quoz Industrial Fourth, Al Quoz Industrial Second, Al Quoz Industrial Third, Al Quoz Second, Al Quoz Third, Al Qusais First, Al Qusais Industrial Fifth, Al Qusais Industrial First, Al Qusais Industrial Fourth, Al Qusais Industrial Second, Al Qusais Industrial Third, Al Qusais Second, Al Qusais Third, Al Raffa, Al Ras, Al Rashidiya, Al Rigga, Al Sabkha, Al Safa First, Al Safa Second, Al Safouh First, Al Safouh Second, Al Satwa, Al Shindagha, Al Souq Al Kabeer, Al Twar First, Al Twar Second, Al Twar Third, Al Warqa’a Fifth, Al Warqa’a First, Al Warqa’a Fourth, Al Warqa’a Second, Al Warqa’a Third, Al Wasl, Al Waheda, Ayal Nasir, Aleyas, Business Bay, Bu Kadra, Dubai Investment park First, Dubai Investment Park Second, Emirates Hill First, Emirates Hill Second, Emirates Hill Third, Hatta, Hor Al Anz, Hor Al Anz East, Jebel Ali 1, Jebel Ali 2, Jebel Ali Industrial, Jebel Ali Palm, Jumeira First, Palm Jumeira, Jumeira Second, Jumeira Third, Marsa Dubai, Mirdif, Muhaisanah Fourth, Muhaisanah Second, Muhaisanah Third, Muhaisnah First, Nad Al Hammar, Nadd Al Shiba Fourth, Nadd Al Shiba Second, Nadd Al Shiba Third, Nad Shamma, Naif, Port Saeed, Arabian Ranches, Oud Al Muteena Third, Ras Al Khor, Ras Al Khor Industrial First, Ras Al Khor Industrial Second, Ras Al Khor Industrial Third, Rigga Al Buteen, Trade Centre 1, Trade Centre 2, Umm Al Sheif, Umm Hurair First, Umm Hurair Second, Umm Ramool, Umm Suqeim First, Umm Suqeim Second, Umm Suqeim Third, Wadi Alamardi, Warsan First, Warsan Second, Za’abeel First, Za’abeel Second.

House movers and packers

We do have all kind of relocation services in UAE but mostly our targeted type is residential to help our customers. We move all kind of houses if there is any kind of stuff and furniture. There are no limitations in our quote that we’ll only shift the furniture and other items will not move! Nothing there are. We will shift the whole house including curtains, lights, and wall photo frames. As a movers company these are our responsibilities to fulfill properly.

Apartments Shifting in Abu Dhabi

We provide services our services for apartments moving as well as in Abu Dhabi and other Emirates of the U.A.E. We do shift all kind of apartments like 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK or any we have abilities to facilitate services. There is no matter if the apartment is in 40th floor 60th floor or 100th floor because we know how to perform our services and responsibilities. But there is one major thing if the move is on stairs then you have to pay extra for the stairs service because you also know that it’s very hard for movers and packers workers .

Studios moving or single items moving

We have services for small studio shifting and also single items shifting if you have studio or any single furniture or other items which are you want to dismantle, pack and shift then send us the photos on whatsapp using the icon in the bottom of the page and get valuable and cheap price according to your moving needs. You don’t have to save our contact number for sending message on whatsapp just click on icon it will redirect you automatically in our account.

Office Moving in Abu Dhabi

We provide professional moving and packing service to shift your whole office including work stations, cupboards furniture, cabinets, files cabinets, files storage furniture, chairs and tables, office tables, meeting room furniture, presentation room furniture, kitchen furniture, manager table and chairs etc. We know how to do this kind of service because mostly our experience is in to shift office furniture. We have more than 20 years of professional experience in moving industry.

Stores, Warehouse, Market or shop moving

We do warehouse and store shifting as well as in Abu Dhabi and also we shift house items to storage, We have professional service for storage packing it’s a bit different than other packaging work because for storage you have to pack items very properly because it’s not for just a couple of hours it’s for days or months even the years. we also provide services for markets and shops if there are any big items like chillers, showcases, and other items which should properly dismantle and fix as you want, We have professional and expert works for that kind of work too.

Pickup for rent in Al Barsha | Pickup rent in Sports City
Pickup for rent in Al Barsha | Pickup rent in Sports City

The BPT Movers in dubai marina

Hiring a moving company means entrusting it with all the belongings you want to move. So, As a reputed company, we take our job seriously and carry it out responsibly. We focus on offering excellent and flawless services to our clients. It keeps them free of concerns about delays in transportation or misplacement of their possessions. This is how First Removalists helps its clients:

Customer Service

As well-known movers. So, we attach the highest priority to customer satisfaction by providing high-quality services and looking after clients’ every concern, while moving their belongings. Hence, Our customer care executives provide you information on all our plans, answer and clarify your queries, provide a detailed quote as well as scheduling assistance. Our customer service aims to free you of any worries, on domestic and international moves.


Efficient logistics is the heart of both domestic and international moving jobs. So Experienced professionals are trained to attend to various factors that affect moving. Such as, shipment, its size, and distance to cover, origin, destination, etc. They prepare a customised plan based on various factors and ensure that the movement is on track.

Expert Packing By The BPT Movers

– Expert packing ensures that no damage happens to items while they are being hauled and transported. Our process involves packing the items using excellent techniques and good packing materials. As a result, We use sturdy boxes to place the packed items so they can withstand the rigours of long-distance movement. In order to to deliver the goods to the destination, without any damage to them.

High Quality, Affordable Moving Service

– Client requirements vary significantly and so do the plans offered to our customers.

We work on the principle that the client pays as per their need and this provides them value for money.

We have four levels of moving services.

Many options are available starting from one man with

a small truck going up to 4 men with a large truck covering distinct needs.

We recruit our movers and packers after a thorough background check.

For the reason that, Their packing and moving skills are honed through training to ensure that no mistakes take place while on the job.

The BPT movers For Domestic and International Moves

The destination is a crucial factor in moving logistics.

If your shipment is to cross a state or a country,

Then our professional team expertly handles every aspect such as form filling,

paperwork, permits, and labelling the packages.

They have executed a variety of domestic and international move projects

efficiently and to the fullest satisfaction of our clients.

Our carrier partners are reliable and reputed.

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