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Moving, Relocation, Shifting, Removal Company in Dubai

Moving, Relocation, Shifting, Removal Company in Dubai


We at BPT movers (Bahawalpur Transport LLC), Moving company in Dubai, Relocation company in Dubai, Removal Company in Dubai, shifting company in Dubai, providing services in Dubai and around Dubai with unmatched quality and professionalism. We are providing service for Moving your home office and Villas. At BPT Movers, a moving company in Dubai, we realize the importance of safely move with focusing on hundred percent customer satisfaction, we have All Solution under one roof with specialized teams to match each of the specific type of move you require. we are dealing in the market since 2008. BPT is one of best Relocation company in Dubai are providing best services for every type of local and long distance Moving, Self Storage rental, Handyman services in all over the UAE with very safely and professionally. Our team is highly professional and could manage any type of moving task easily. We are one of best shifting company in Dubai.

We have all the packing supplies, including boxes specifically for clothes, pictures and dishes as well as packing tape and bubble wrap. Whether it’s just moving floors or across the country, our movers are experienced and trained to effectively handle, transport, and equipment. When we talk about the best Removal company in Dubai, the main thing is to provide quality service with affordable price.

Now in this Article we explain for you, 50 moving hacks, which address all your FAQ’s, following things to be consider before planning a move, all under in one article,

Cost to move in Dubai

On average, moving company in Dubai would charge you around 1,500-3,000 AED for a two-bedroom apartment or flat for rent in Dubai. There are a certain things to be consider which could affect the price you have to pay. Suppose you are living on the 10th floor and some items could not come on ground by lift and mover will use the stairs.

Hire a moving company

If you do moving at your own, you will definitely save the money, than hiring a full service relocation company in Dubai. If you have small items in your belongings (no large items or big furniture and you have only a few boxes) and moving location is near  then moving yourself is a great choice. If is not the same condition then, we strongly recommend you to consider hiring a professional movers.

How much usually moving company charge.

As explained above, the average rates for a moving service will vary, depending on the time of the year and how much stuff, and how far your location is (they tend to be cheaper in the winter) but on average, you can expect to pay 1000 AED to 5000 AED, cost can be increase in certain cases.

Cost of long distance moving

If hiring professional removal company in Dubai for your moving, you can expect to pay at least 1000 AED. As mentioned above, the average cost of a local household move is almost between 1000 to 5000 AED, and the average cost for a long distance move is 8000 to 12000 AED.

Movers working hours.

Movers working hours are most of the time are same as explained above but in certain cases, working hours can be increased.

Home Size (square footage)Loading OnlyFull-Service Moving
700 to 1,000 sq. ft.2 Labours / 3 hours2 Labours / 5 hours
1,100 to 1,500 sq. ft.3 Labours / 4 hours3 Labours/ 6 hours
1,600 to 2,000 sq. ft.3 Labours / 5 hours3 Labours / 8 hours
2,000 to 3,000 sq. ft.4 Labours / 6 hours4 Labours / 9 hours

Tip to movers.

As a guideline, you should tip your movers between 10–15 percent of the total cost of the move for large moves and 5–10 percent for smaller, cross-town moves. Or it depend on you, like, you can gave them 20 to 50 AED per person after finishing the job. Or gave them a 300 to 400 hundred amount in AEDs, This lump sum is then split among the movers on the crew.

Packing before Moving

You should start packing all your stuff at least before 1 week prior to your anticipated date of move. You can start your moving preparation before 2 to 3 weeks even. The earlier you should start the packing process, the easier it will be at the time of end when your move date come.

Cost of 2000 Sq ft House

The market average price to move an entire house is starting from 750 AED to upto 7500 AED. Moving a 2,000 square foot home could cost as much as 7000 to 12000 AED.

Packing for a Messy House

1) Organize your home by your own before you pack up all the stuff for Moving. Make a three step process for all the belongings: “Keep,” “Throw Away” and “Donate.” You don’t need all the old items to move to your new locations, so downsizing can be refreshing and helpful for you in moving.

2) Pack a separate “essentials” bag for valuable items

3) Label your packing boxes with figure 1,2,3.

Launch for Movers

To keep all the things simple and don’t take any stress, we would  recommend you providing food if your move takes longer than 5 or 6 hours. At that time, even if the movers start early, you’re likely running into lunchtime. Letting the movers go off to lunch is fine, if they want’s to go for launch, most off the time they have their own arrangement of Launch and refreshments.

Best Moving Company in Dubai
Best Moving Company in Dubai

Tip for Heavy load work (stair Case items)

 You Can apply of good rule of thumb is 40 to 50 AED per person for a full day, 70 to 80 AED for a two days job, if the movers labour force are dealing with many stairs or extremely heavy furniture that could not come down from the lift and they have to bring on the ground through stairs.

Packing in Pod

You can use a pod to store your items after the packing, but remember that you don’t store any food, perishables, toxins, or flammables items in pod, Review the list of prohibited items, “Limits on Use,” of your PODS, for storage ask your Rental Agreement, POD provider about, insurance plan to ensure your items are covered from damage or loss.

Budget for Moving

According to this some surveys, the total average cost for a relocation company in Dubai can be broken down into 1500 to 7500 AED for a move where removalists do everything (including packing and unpacking), but 1500 to 3500.

AED for removelists, where the owners did all the packing and unpacking) for a

Single item move you can have a budget of 100 to 400 AED.

Average Cost of 2 bedroom Flat

A two bedroom apartment in Dubai, a moving company in Dubai need a budget of between 1500 to 2500 AED, taking an average of 3 to 6 hours time, which includes all the costs, of labour packing and un packing, you can also deal with removal company in Dubai to provide your own labour for work, which could cost you 100 AED per day for each labour.

Why Movers are Expensive

 Two things about moving in Dubai are true 1. Moving includes a lot of work, and need much attention to mover without any damages 2. There are different costs, they need papers for dishes, babble rams, blackest and packing boxes, need vehicles and labour force also, these all together making moving is expensive. The fact that it is a lot of work is a big part that’s why moving is expensive.

Worth of Paying Moving Company

If you are busy in you daily routine and you are planning your move on time, and don’t want to take any stress, for your moving to a new place, or just want to cut down on the stress, hiring a moving company in Dubai to do everything for you could be worth the money. Most full-service moving company in Dubai include damage coverage, or have insurance in case if any of your belongings break during the packing unpacking or transport.

Book Movers before Moving Date

Ideal it that you book a mover before, two or three weeks of your move date. Worse case, at least before one weeks, but know that if you only have a time of 1 week or less before your move, you’ll have a limited choice of movers. Because most good movers are booked two to three weeks out. Better hire a shifting company in Dubai, to save your belongings from any type of damage.

Loading Box and Furniture.

The start of loading the boxes to vehicle, sequence is from heaviest to smallest boxes. Place all the boxes on top of the appliances and furniture, filling any gaps under the tables, under desks, and on chair seats. Make sure that the heavy boxes does not contain any item which could easily destroyed from the upper load of small boxes.

Hiring of Mover for one Items

Yes you can hire movers even if for a single item delivery like Sofa, Bed, double Bed, Chairs, when you need help moving one piece of furniture, use the internet to hire a relocation company in Dubai.  You can get a movers from the parking lot if you are in Dubai with their own trucks, moving vans, and equipment.  which saves your  additional rental costs.

Legit helper to find best Movers

Keep in mind you can choice a movers with the help of consultant company in Dubai which could provide you a best mover for your next move. Or they will give you different option with the level of service and cost, with those option you can select the best option of your choice which is great. They do their very best for you to find the right removal company in Dubai for you based on your requirement.

Best Moving Company in Dubai
Best Moving Company in Dubai

Self Packing

If you are planning your next move, you can use the option of self packing, in this way you need to contact a shifting company in Dubai only for shifting your boxes to your new location, just get an exact idea, how much is your stuff and how much packing boxes you need to pack your all of belongings. In this way you can cut the cost and movers will only charge for transportation and for loading and unloading. You can take your friend and family members help for self packing. Because movers generally charge by the hour and have a different rate for how many labour they are using, and how many trucks required for them to move your stuff and which size truck you need.

Estimate your moving Cost

The estimation for the cost of your moving you can calculate easily, by including all the cost which are involves in the moving process, for Examples, you will get a labour 100 AED for each Day, a Vehicle with 300 to 500 per day, a packing box in 5 to 6 AED. A bubble rams 3 to 4 AED, in this ways you get an idea how much your moving cost will be. Relocation company in Dubai mostly manages all the thing after you hire them for your move.

What Included in Moving Cost

What are most Common cost which are included in your moving cost, eligible moving which include, Transportation costs such as vehicle, trucks, packing and unpacking, charges, charges for the labour force, packing materials costs like, babble wraps, packing rolls, blankets and insurance and cost for launch and refreshments.

Take a friend help

On a larger move where more time and more workers are required for doing the job, you can pay closer to 100 to 120 AED or more dirham’s per hour meaning that a 6 hour move could take 600 to 800 AED. If you are not sure about your moving cost that how much cost will coming on your move, contact some of local removal company in Dubai and ask them for a free moving quotation so you that will get an idea.

Cost of Pack up for your House

How much time it will take for pack up of your house? It will take 4 to 5 hours for experienced shifting company in Dubai, to pack up the average house of 3-bedroom. Based on an hourly rate of 120 AED, per packer, this means you will be looking at about 600-800 AED for the task.

Long Distance Move

Sell some of your Stuff. If you are like those people having too many extra stuff which you don’t need now, donate that stuff to a charitable organization, you’ve accumulated so many things that you don’t really need now,

  • Rent a moving container for your move
  • Find for you free moving boxes and supplies
  • Rent a moving truck for your move
  • You can use a freight trailer.
  • Choose a suitable moving date.
  • Ship your stuff through shipping service
  • Ask your company to pay for the move.

Moving Abroad

If you are moving abroad and you have all your belongings and stuff in Dubai, better you hire a shipping company to ship your all the staff to that county, hire a company for international moving, and contact few of the local moving company in Dubai, get prices from all, compare all the pricing and go for the suitable one. You can use the option of storage in Dubai, if you are coming back again in Dubai after some time, take service of storage company in Dubai.


Time to Move out one Bed room

Studio or one-bedroom movers take about 2-3 hours. Two-bedroom moves take about 3-5 hours. Three to four-bedroom moves take up to 7 hours. Five or more bedroom moves can take 8 to 10 hours.

Move without Hiring Movers

  • Hire a container for Moving
  • Self Service Moving take friends help
  • You can ship Your Stuff by Air Cargo.
  • Ship Your Stuff by a Bus
  • Move Your Stuff small items in SUV Car

Packing with Boxes or without Boxes

Off course not everything will fit in the boxes, there are big items, like sofa, cupboard, double bed, which cannot be dissemble. Apply a general rule, furniture and major appliances will be wrapped and handover to your relocation company in Dubai. Pack the small items like clothes, boxes, kitchen Items in the boxes and get all the things ready for move.

Best Moving Company in Dubai
Best Moving Company in Dubai

Movers loading Pattern

The normally used pattern for loading a moving vehicle, load the largest and heaviest items first in the vehicle, load those items which are big in size and heavier in weight, these items should be on the bottom of your moving truck, so they could not damage and crust your other boxes and belongings. Also place your heavier items towards the front side of the movers truck.

Drawer and dresser Moving

You don’t need to empty the draws of a well-built dresser in good shape. A sturdy dresser is often heavy and made of solid wood. If you lift the dresser, and it feels flimsy, empty the drawers before moving it. If the dresser is fragile or old, full drawers will stress it.

Time for Move out of 3 bedroom

Normally the duration for moving the studio flat is 2 to 4 hours, the duration for two bedroom 4 to 6 hours, and three bedroom apartment 6 to 8 hours are required for a removal company in Dubai to move.

Care while Moving

Unplug all of your electronics, devices and switches, even if the movers are also taking care of the packing for you, it’s good thing to switch off and unplug all of your electronics appliances, also take care of your precious personal belongings ,like gold, bank card and important documents.

What will Mover not Move

Shifting company in Dubai, not move the, hazardous material, Flammable Items, corrosives items, your pets, even though your pets may be caged or extremely well behaved, your movers simply will not move them, plants, any type of explosives or perishable Food and your valuables.

Relocation by yourself

There are some off less expensive ways to move, first one is renting a moving vehicle, trailer, or a moving container  can be hired, these are a few ways you can reduce your  relocation cost, With the help of these option you can move yourself without hiring a moving company in Dubai, or to restore.

Using boxes or totes?

You can see Plastic totes as a great idea for packing of your staff, but more often totes are cracked with even little amount of weight on it, It’s better to use moving boxes for a secure move, which are good and widely used for moving and packing, packing boxes also help in absorbing the weight and keeping the load tight in the mover truck.

How to load a moving Truck

Keeping in mind the distribution of weight while moving, how to load your moving truck, place all the heavier items along with the walls of moving truck, and leave the center space for lighter items, and small boxes, this pattern will make a balance weight on truck and driving easy, open for boxes and lighter items. Use a strap to hold your heavier items with the moving truck walls.

Cheaply Move Furniture

Take the Bus, or moving by train, if available in your country, A moving Container can be used, Hire a low cost truck from Rentals, take a pickup truck on rent, a small tow trailer can be rented, you can avail any of this option.

The price of furniture removal

The price of mover’s will mostly depend on the, number of items how much labor  cost required, the packing material cost, and which type of vehicle, relocation company in Dubai, need to be used for moving, if you are moving the furniture a single items within Dubai, the moving company in Dubai will charge from 120 to 350 AED, and cost could be increased with the volume of items and distance.

Best Moving Company in Dubai
Best Moving Company in Dubai

Hire a Helper for Moving by your own

You can hire a helper for moving your own, this will cost your for one day each helper, 100 to 150 AED for 8 hours, you can hire more helper according to your budget and quantity of work, bring the packing material and pack your stuff, now hire a moving van, and you are ready to move for your new location.

Take help from friend for your move

  • Acknowledge your friend a big favor.
  • Do not take it personally if someone is not willing to help you
  • Do not  put anyone too much burden
  • Do ask for weekend help, because people are free mostly at the weekend.
  • Don’t be vague about what you need, provide clear guideline
  • Provide refreshments, arrange for transport
  • Don’t show attitude like a boss

Full Packing Service Cost

There are two ways to hire a packing service, one is that you will arrange the packing material and only packers will pack your stuff, the second option is contract base work, they will bring the packing material and pack your belongings, this way they will charge for both, the cost of only packing in Dubai is 100 to 1000 AED and full service with packing material is 1000 to 4000 AED, depend on your stuff cost could be increased.

Full Relocation Package

If you are planning your next move in Dubai, and you are searching for the best moving company in Dubai, call some removal company in Dubai, ask them to provide a full relocation package which includes all the costs, ask them to make a visit at your home, or send them all your staff picture, so that they can get an idea about all the cost, after getting the quotation from few companies go for the suitable relocation package.

Relocation Allowance

Relocation involves a lot of work, for a relocation company in Dubai, the moving job involves cost of transportation, including packing and unpacking of your stuff, management of all the process, cost of moving trucks, the cost of labour, if all the work arranged through the same company a single fixed amount is enough to cover all the service, which is suitable for both parties.

Friend and Family to help in your Move

Ask far in advance for the help as soon as you find out you are moving, even if it’s 3 weeks to a 1 month in advance, tell your friends and family to help you at that time,

  • Make a list for all your moving tasks.
  • Make a plan of whole moving process
  • Organized everything for moving
  • Show your gratitude toward them
  • Feed your friend and family who help you

Assemble and disassemble Bed

Yes movers will assemble and disassemble your bed also, even, movers will assemble and disassemble your tables, bureau’s (dresser with mirror attached) and other furniture items as well, at the time of booking you need to inform the movers about assembling and disassembling.

Moving in Garbage Bags

Straggling items in the garbage bags are seems very easy, but it will create trouble while   the loading and unloading process. Using of garbage bags instead of boxes, Many company will not move your staff if packed with plastic bags, because it involves high risk of burst while loading and unloading, The boxes cartons are the best option for the safely move.

What  Movers Hate

  • If you choice the option of self moving and your stuff in not ready
  • Movers also hate if the stuff is packed with carelessly and could be damage during the loading and unloading.
  • If someone asking for the moving of plants, pets are tricky items.
  • If you are asking to unpack the boxes of small items.
  • kids or pets disturbance during work
  • Once the price is done, don’t ask for more discounts.
  • If someone disappear in the middle of the move and movers have to ask something.

Safety of Valuable Items

The Safety of the valuable goods of the customers is the foremost concern of the movers, move should be complete without any type of damage to customer belongings , An efficient team of workers can provide best service, with putting their maximum effort in the packing and moving.

Right Selection of Movers

Now a days with the help of internet there are many moving company in Dubai and finding them is too easy, but for most of peoples, it is important to find a best shifting company in Dubai, rather then just moving services. Professional movers in Dubai will always focus to protect and secure your belongings, too make your new relocation is memorable.

Get best deals on Moving

Customers can get the best deals for the moving, if they will get the prices from several movers in Dubai, and don’t book your move at the last minute, because some movers will charge the booking fees, in this you you can save money by scheduling well ahead of your moving day. Call your moving company in Dubai, to see when the best time they can move your home, some movers will charge the less amount if you’ll provide them the flexible date for your move.

Packing of Cleaning Supplies

An important question is will movers move cleaning supplies are stuff like that? No Moving companies in Dubai will not often  pack and move cleaning supplies due to the high risk of leakage of that kind of items inside the moving vehicle,  and will cause damage to the other household items in the vehicle.

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