Local movers in dubai

Local movers in dubai

BPT Dubai Local Movers  provides local movers in all over dubai, sharjah, ajman. We will make your move with us  the best move you will ever make.

As a one of the top dubai movers in the dubai relocation  industry, we offer the highest standard relocation and moving service. All our Relocation and moving solutions will suit your needs and your budget contact us any time for free quote.

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Dubai Local Movers and Packing services

BPT Movers Dubai we offers you a best move for your house and offices relocation . Our goal is to exceed your expectations by providing professional movers services.  We will Move your furniture from apartments , condominiums , homes and everything in between whether very small and very large.

BPT Mover dubai we offers you any home services you need , especially those which are important when you’re moving long-distance moves . Move with many miles in between can be overwhelming to think about, and we want to offer you an impressive custom experience that fits perfectly your priorities.

Bpt Movers
Bpt Movers

BPT Movers mission is to make your home relocation most easy and carefree. We are trained and skilled movers and packers with good experience in moving studio apartments, one bedroom apartment, two bedroom flats, and even small and large villas in Dubai and Sharjah.

We move home with great precision and planning and will also prepare you so that we can together ensure a very safe and secure moving experience. As soon as you call us we will have someone over to survey and give you a fixed quote and you will like our prices. Before the move day we will let you know how to prepare and on the move day we will arrive on time, and work quickly and safely to un-assemble your furniture and pack it. We will also secure your other belongings including clothes, cutlery, frames, wall hangings, etc.

Our team will safely load it into our van, and at your new place we will assemble it back and leave with a smile on your face.

Why do it yourself, or trust a one-man team when you can get a better service at reasonable prices.

You must have searched for many days to find your new apartment, but your search for a moving company ends with us. Dubai or Sharjah, we can do the moving and packing for you.

Nobody likes surprises after moving or demand for additional money and nor tips. We offer fixed prices and our best ‘Tip’ is your compliment.

Call Us. We are waiting for your call.
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Dubai Movers Best Local Mover in UAE Call +971568876963

Dubai Movers is one of the best local moving services providers in Dubai. Dubai Movers offer to move and packing services, specially made to fit your local move and storage.  whenever you are in need of movers in UAE, Dubai Movers is your first choice as we do all kind of moving whether you have some counted items or fully furnished premises to move, a big villa or a small office, Dubai Movers have the required skills to keep you moving safely.


  • Begin moving preparations ASAP
  • Prepare packing supplies
  • Pack in stages
  • Consider hiring professional help

Now, this is a big decision to make when moving locally – should you do the relocation entirely on your own or should you employ the services of a local moving company?

This is what you need to know when considering your two moving options:

Local relocation can be done without the help of a mover but there are certain prerequisites for a trouble-free move. First of all, you need a bunch of reliable friends to help you pack, carry your household items to the truck, load them onto the moving vehicle and then do the same things in reversed order.

Bear in mind that having non-professionals move bulky and heavy household items can be hard, risky, and plain dangerous. Then you need to hire moving equipment – from a dolly to assist you with the heavy stuff to a moving truck to transport your belongings to their new destination. And finally, your local move won’t be insured in any way so if something bad happens, there’s really nothing you can do about it.

Sure enough, you’re bound to cut down the moving expenses by relocating locally by yourself. Whether you’ll end up saving big, less or none at all with your move will depend on a number of factors and it’s not something that can be reasonably calculated until after you’ve settled down in your new home.

To ask more about our company please use the form available on our contact page, give us a call at +971568876963, or send any inquires to our email address bptmovers2020@gmail.com.

We look forward to having you as one of our clients. By working with Dubai Movers you know you are choosing the best moving and storage company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Bpt mover and packers have arranged beneficial and stunning ways to move their client’s local moving’s in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, or all over the UAE. All our services are formulated to meet the exact needs of customers.
We considered the best moving company in the packing and shifting sector in UAE for any individual, home, and business. We provide all domestic moving and packing facilities like house, villa, apartment shifting, furniture, handyman services for short and long-distance, etc with complete safety and protection. That’s makes us one of the best locally as well as internationally.

Local services include:
  • House/ Apartment Relocation
  • Villa movers
  • Furniture Relocation
  • Handyman service

Villa Movers in Dubai

Many things have to keep in mind when it comes to moving of a villa. And we know well all about it. Best Movers have renowned the name for leading Villa Movers in Dubai. Moving of a house is complicated as compared to house moving. There are many things there that need extra care during the process of the move like wooden floor, roof, sunrooms, living and dining rooms, and pool. Our professional villa movers in Dubai team will take care of everything.


Are you in need of a reliable moving company in Dubai? Well, we understand that it is not easy for one to relocate from one house to another. Hiring us will make your moving experience smooth and stress-free! We have helped several clients with their needs for moving services with the best of assistance. You must connect with us and make your moving very smooth and hassle-free experience.

Cost of living- Moving from To Dubai

The first thing that grabs the attention of people who want to move is “price.” But it is the reality that living in great cities in the world comes at a very high price. According to Jeanine de Vos, moving from Dubai. Living in Dubai is expensive.

What House Movers and Packers Do?

By choosing BPT Movers, we give you the option to undergo the best Packers and Movers in Dubai, and in UAE. Packing of items, moving them, unpacking, and reinstallation within a given deadline is a specialty of Bpt Mover, which we never do compromise at any price. We are unwavering about meeting on timelines and schedules for all our plans to execute them.

Our Experience Helps!

Yes, with a worth of over 13 years of experience helps us, we are streamlined in what we do. For us, the gigantic task of moving of anything is an easy task as 123. We take pride in handling your belongings and shifting them to a new location. From packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, and reassembling, we do it with passion.

We Take Your Stress Away From You

We feel pride in saying that we will take away all the stress from you as soon as you get in touch with us. We work 24/7 for you, no matter what time of day it is. We are always ready to assist you in relocation. We provide you with a hassle-free service to move your mansion to a new location without any damage.

Local Moving Services in Dubai

The moving professionals offer a wide choice of local relocation services to meet all your needs in Dubai. Your project is fully customizable according to the options you have chosen and the movers adapt to the specifics of your move. Below is a (non-exhaustive) list of the main services offered by moving companies and what they include:

  • Moving of furniture
  • Local Packaging services
  • Moving boxes
  • Special removals
  • Piano move
  • Cleaning
  • Disassembly / Reassembly
  • Handyman Services
  • Furniture storage
  • Insurance
  • Administrative formalities and procedures

Furniture removal and furniture transport

Already packed everything and just need to transport some bulky furniture? Or have you just sold your sofa online and are looking for a carrier to ship it to the buyer? Whatever the situation, moving companies have a perfect command of the techniques of packing and protecting your goods, guaranteeing the transport of your furniture without risk! Make moving your furniture as easy and efficient as possible!

Packaging services

If you don’t want to bother with organizing your move, leave the packing and boxing of all your belongings to the movers. You can also opt for a packing service for just a few items or for the “fragile” packing. This packing service by movers guarantees you adequate protection for all your items, in order to transport them safely without risk of damage or breakage during handling and transport. Otherwise, the movers are responsible for any deterioration due to poor packaging

Packing materials and moving boxes

Moving companies generally provide all packing materials and moving boxes free of charge as part of a particular move. However, you also have the option of purchasing these moving packing materials and boxes, either for your own use or for the use of movers as part of their packing services. Depending on the company and the formula chosen, the cost of these materials may be included in the price and the moving estimate. To give you an idea, below is a table with the prices of packaging materials:

Special moves

Sometimes there are special moving requests for the transport of fragile or valuable items, such as a fragile mirror, antiques, an old cabinet, paintings and other works of art. These objects require precise handling and specifically adapted protections, which are able to guarantee you professional movers and experienced in the transport of special moves.

Moving a piano

One of the most common requests is when moving a piano. This operation is not only limited to moving and loading the piano, but also includes protecting the instrument and includes all the appropriate equipment to move it safely.

Thus, a freight elevator may be necessary in this business, sometimes even a crane for a grand piano and depending on access to your accommodation. Your instrument is transported in a specific box and also covered by a mover’s insurance at its real value

Local Cleaning

Among the options offered by cleaning companies , you can option for cleaning your home. This may involve cleaning your old accommodation before it is put on sale, for example, or before returning it and recovering your deposit, but also your new home.

This option is very useful if you need to organize your move quickly and have little time, or if you are moving abroad and cannot take care of it yourself. In addition, you benefit from a moving service that is both fast and professional results at a lower cost.

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